Holsworthy Men's Shed - News

Entries on this page are in Reverse Chronological Order – Newest ones at the Top, Oldest at the bottom.


Since opening we have had a steady attendance of Shedders (members). There are no membership fees or official enrolments.
Due to the nature of our Shedders ages, some are not as agile as they once were, so all we ask are contact details of
your next-of-kin should the need arise to contact them.

Some of our Shedders live alone and during the recent snows we phoned some of our Shedders to confirm they were, warm,
had food and drink, and were generally safe. Also for the chat and contact if they couldn’t get about.
Getting together for our collective good covers many areas.

Shed activities range from chatting, drinking the free tea and biscuits, and eating the free cake and cooked delicacies
kindly donated by Shedders wives, to repairs and making things of the Shedders choice.

To date we have built a Fruit Press, just awaiting the Autumn bounty of local Apples to turn into Cider – another more
enjoyable project!!

The Fruit Press

Fruit Press Construction 1.JPG

Parts are cut and assembly started.

Fruit Press Construction George John Allen 1.JPG

Coming along well.

Fruit Press George 1.JPG

More parts completed.

Fruit Press Finished George 1.jpg

Finished! Right, where are the Apples?

Other proposed projects include a wooden Sailing Dinghy, Bat Boxes, Campervan Wardrobe, Bird Nesting Boxes, Model Steam
Engine and Track, with more being considered weekly.

We have repaired shedders lawnmowers, electric drills, electric jigsaws, renovated our metalworking Lathe, metalworking
Bandsaw, several badly rusted tools, etc.

Holsworthy Men’s Shed opens its doors after much effort by the founders John Allen and Tim Stokes, in the old Holsworthy
Community College Workshop.